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What's my story?

Melbourne-based digital designer with an eye for detail, design and technology.

I am a freelance graphic designer and web developer based in Melbourne’s Inner North, with over a decage of freelancing and studio experience. Offering you a juicy combination of creative talent and experience on a national to international level. I approach each project with a balance of creativity and strategy, led by a multidisciplinary approach and a broad skill base that encompasses all facets of design.

My custom websites are crafted for conversions, leads, and real results. I’ve built my business on getting clients results through beautiful and intuitive designs. I’ll be working with you to take those big ideas in your head and translate them into innovative digital experiences that actually works.

After graduating from Grenadi School of Design in 2009 with a driving passion for graphic and interface design, I landed a great entry-level job as a web designer for small businesses. After advancing to lead the Graphics Department, a constant drive to improve and broaden my skillset lead me to move to a role with much higher stakes in the airline industry.

  • Freelance Design

    I have been freelancing for 10 years offering affordable graphic design and websites to my clients.

    2008 - PRESENT

  • Vedaleon Technologies

    I currently run the graphics department at Vedaleon, Creating graphics and working on front end development projects for the airline industry.

    2016 - PRESENT

  • Havealook Websites

    As 2iC of the Graphics Department, I created the new graphic style templates and managed the graphics department creating thousands of websites.

    2009 - 2016